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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for Eye Care for Kids?

A: Eye Care for Kids offers services for eligible students in Pre-K through 12th grade.


Q: How is a vision problem identified? 

A: Eye Care for Kids receives referrals from school nurses, social workers, and staff vision screeners who perform vision screenings at health fairs and at individual schools.


Q: Does Eye Care for Kids provide the eye exams and the glasses?

A: No, Eye Care for Kids contracts with provider doctors who perform vision exams and prescribe corrective lenses as needed.


Q: What does it cost me?

A: There is no cost to you. Eye Care for Kids provider doctors donate eye exams and are reimbursed by us.


Q: What determines program eligibility?

A: Low income families who do not have private insurance and do not have the child enrolled in CHIP or Medicaid, and eligible to apply for free vision screening and corrective lenses. These applications are most often submitted through the school nurse.


Q: What if my child is insured, but his/her vision is not covered?

A: Eye Care for Kids will need a copy of the denial letter from the insurance provider to accompany the application.

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