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We are now Online!



Visit the above link and take a look at our online program.


Step One: Make an account!

Eye Care for Kids' office has already created an account for all of our current partnerships. Contact us for your current login information. Upon logging on you will be prompted to create your own password.


Step Two: Provide Vision Care!

As soon as the student is approved, their application will show up in your account as "pending". Parents will receive your information and should call you to make an appointment, but won't have their application in hand when they arrive. See this student as normal as long as you have their approved application online.


Step Three: Invoice!

You can now invoice as you see the students. No need to wait for a specific date to fax in a whole batch of students. Just open the student's application, scroll to the bottom, and click "Done and Create Invoice" when the student receives their glasses.


Step Four: Receive payment!

You will still receive a check from us in the mail same as you do now. Eye Care for Kids will process these invoices in a batch to submit your normal payments on the 15th and last day of each month.


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