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Looking for volunteer opportunities?

We always welcome volunteers and are currently seeking in the following areas:


•   Vision Screening Volunteers - assists with screening children at schools and community fairs.

•   Fundraising Volunteers - assists in raising funds for organization. Experience in grant research and solicitation of corporate sponsorship is desirable.

•   Social Worker Volunteer - helping eligible families register for CHIP/Medicaid as a part of our collaboration with Children's Defense Fund. These volunteers will assist families with the application process.


Volunteer Application Form

Donate now and gift a child with vision

Eye Care for Kids Foundation depends on the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations to help children see. Make your tax deductible contribution today and be the positive difference in a child's learning experience this year.


By giving the gift of glasses, you can give children the chance to succeed in school, enjoy team sports, gain self-esteem and have an opportunity to overcome the cycle of poverty. As little as $50 provides a child with a comprehensive eye exam, a new pair of glasses that come with a protective coating of UV and scratch-resistant coating, and a new carrying case.

“Thanks to you I don't have to twitch my eyes or get up close to the board to read what's written there.”  

                                - J.N.

“Thank you for getting me glasses. Now I don't have to get close to see the letters. You are very special.”  

                                - R.T.

“Thanks for the glasses. Now I can see better. I don't have to tilt my head to the side anymore.”  

                                - A.M.

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Simple ways to help our organization!